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Although not a comprehensive list of questions, we chose the top 3 that we are normally asked. If you have a question, please CONTACT US and we will be happy to answer it.

How does price compare with a traditional bag of clay? 
  • Using a retail price of $ 5.99 for a 40 pound bag of clay the cost to clean up that 2 gallon spill is $ 4.94. 

  • In comparison, Nature’s Broom retail price is $ 9.95 per 20 pound bag. 

  • The cost to wick up the same 2 gallon spill is $ 3.38, a savings of $ 1.56 per spill!

A Bag of Clay costs less than a bag of Nature’s Broom, Right? 
  • Clay is slow to work, has a higher disposal cost and requires almost a 100 pounds ($15.00) of clay to adsorb what 20 pounds ($9.95) of Nature’s Broom can encapsulate! 

  • At this rate, using the stated cost figures, clay may have a lower price per bag but costs $5.00 more to use than Nature’s Broom. So now, just how good of a deal is this bag of clay?

Compare Nature's Broom disposal costs to that of clay.
  • Remember it takes 26 more pounds of clay to adsorb 2 gallons of oil than Nature’s Broom. That is 4.85 times more haz/mat drums than Nature’s Broom. 

  • This government or business will have to pay an additional $ 770 to $1,325 cost of disposal when it uses clay as an adsorbent.


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